Zodiac is a number games in combination with a zodiac sign. You can match 4 (four) digit number combination between 0000 and 9999 plus a zodiac sign. Each play costs a minimum of US $1.50 a piece to a maximum of US $ 15. Tickets may be purchased as from Monday. 

How to play

Find a retailer close to home, work or favorite snack. Write your lucky 4 (four) digit number combination between 0000 and 9999 and chose a zodiac sign. Hand the clerk your desired selection of numbers combinations and zodiac sign tell her that you want to play Zodiac After payment you will receive your ticket printed with your selected numbers, the value of each selected number combination, total amount of the ticket, draw date and the identification number of the ticket. Please check your ticket before leaving the retail store. You are responsible for the accuracy of your ticket.

How to win

Zodiac consist of one draw. The draw is once a weeks on Sunday. Your 4 (four) digit number combination and the zodiac sign has to match the winning numbers and zodiac sign. Check the official drawing results to see if you are a winner! Zodiac drawing is broadcasted LIVE by Nos TV every Sunday at 3.05 pm. You can see the result with the winning numbers the same day on the Website or FWNB App. Drawing result with the numbers are also printed in the local newspapers the next day. You can also scan the barcode on your ticket at a lottery retailer.

How to redeem your win

Congratulations on winning the lottery! Now what? You are a winner! Now what? Prizes of US $ 1000 or less may be redeemed at the retailers mentioned on your ticket. Prizes above US $ 1000 must be claimed at FWNB office, Kaya Italia # 3. And will be paid via check. Identification must be presented. All prizes above US $ 500 during the weekend must to be claimed on Monday. Prizes must be claimed within thirty (30) days after the draw date. All zodiac winnings are tax free (game of chance tax)!


Your play ticket is the only proof that you bought and won Zodiac. Please check your ticket before leaving the retail store. FWNB is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. A ticket is not valid if it’s not registered in our system, broken, unreadable, reconstituted or if information is missing. The ticket shall be complete and may not have any holes punched in it. The validation number shall be complete. Don’t forget to read the rules at the back of the ticket.

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