Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the frequently asked questions about Bonaire Lottery. If your question is not underneath please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Prizes of US $ 2999.99 or less may be redeemed at the retailer mentioned on your ticket. Prizes above US $ 3000 must be claimed at Bonaire Lottery office, Kaya Italia # 3. Identification must be presented. All prizes above US $ 500 during the weekend must to be claimed on Monday. Visit the Games section for more information on how to claim prize. Visit contact us section for phone number, address and hours of operators of FWNB.

Prizes must be claimed within thirty (30) days after the draw date.

The Tax Office requires that Bonaire Lottery withhold 10 percent tax(game of chance tax) from prizes greater than US $ 600.

The funds from expired tickets or ticket not be claimed will be used for donation or for second chance promotions.

You can claim your prize the day after the drawing. Visit the games section for how and where to claim your prize. Visit the lottery retailer section for more information about hours of operation of the retailers. Visit the contact us section for more information about hours of operation of the headquarters FWNB.

For more information about donation please visit Giving Back.

All players which have non-winning tickets. Visit the Second Chance section for more information about second chance and promotions.

Visit the second chance section for all information about second chance promotions. In all retailers will be posters concerning the promotions.

A list of the winner will be published in the retailer’s office and in the newspaper. You can also visit the second chance section.

All information of the games are available on the Bonaire Lottery website. On the top of the homepage, select games.