Second Chance drawings and promotions from the Bonaire Lottery (Fundashon Wega di Number Bonaire) allow players to use their non-winning tickets to participate in a Second Chance Drawing with the opportunity to win different types of prizes!


How to play

Fill your full name, your identification number (ID), address and phone number on the back of your Wega di Number Bonaire and Zodiac non-winning tickets total amount 3 $ or more. If one of this information is missing the ticket is not valid. Name and Surname is required. Throw the ticket in a box at one of the retailers.

How to win

the draw will be held at the beginning of each month. Ticket must be valid one month prior to the draw. All the non-winning tickets will be put in a mixing Barrel. After spinning the barrel several times someone will pick a ticket. Depends on the promotions the amount of tickets will be picked. Winning tickets will be announced at the retailer, in the newspaper and on this web site. Prizes can be claimed as from the same day after the draw or next day depend the promotion.

How to redeem your win

Congratulations on winning the lottery! Now what? You are a winner! Now what? Prizes of US $ 2,999.99 or less may be redeemed at the retailers mentioned on your ticket. Prizes above US $ 3000 must be claimed at FWNB office, Kaya Italia # 3. And will be paid via check. Identification must be presented. All prizes above US $ 500 during the weekend must to be claimed on Monday. From all prizes above US $ 600 a 10 % of lottery tax (game of chance tax) will be deducted. Prizes must be claimed within thirty (30) days after the draw date.


Second Chance is not open to vendors employee, agents and employee of Fundashon Wega di Number Bonaire.